Printbox v Nemčiji na sejmu CeBIT |

Printbox v Nemčiji na sejmu CeBIT

26.6.2018, 11:51


Printbox v Nemčiji na sejmu CeBIT že četrto leto zapored

Printbox v Sloveniji pozna skorajda vsak. Večina izmed vas ga tudi redno uporablja, vsaj 1x na mesec. Naša izjemna, napredna in samopostrežna rešitev, ki omogoča tiskanje in skeniranje dokumentov na različnih koncih Slovenije, je zaradi svoje edinstvenosti primerna za vse države tega sveta. Z željo po širitvi podjetja na tuje trge, smo poslovne partnerje iskali na sejmu v Nemčiji. CeBIT že tradicionalno poteka na severu Nemčije v mestu Hannover.

Stand E28 in Hall 17

Whoever has ever visited any fair as huge as CeBIT, knows that exhibition area is enormous. Finding companies that have up to 20 square meters of space, is a mystery. For that reason, we are exposing more detailed information about our booth in Hall 17. Look at the red square on the map below to see where our stand E28 can be found during the CeBIT 2018. It is almost a center of the hall and very close to the main restaurant and toilets. We are positioned between two huge booth areas of company Asseco Solutions (on the left) and Sage Competence Partner Center (on the right).


How does it look like

At fairs such as Printbox, we present our unique and future digital business solution from hardware and software point of view. Every visitor has an option to explore Printbox kiosk and all of its features. Besides the multifunctional vending machine for document printing, talk and focus in concentrated on our advanced online platform for remote management, monitoring, maintenance, and marketing activities. Printbox team even shows many details and advantages of having such system, that also includes cloud storage for allowing users to save their documents and credits for printing in their cloud account. A business partner that controls the kiosk, may reach to all business data, user database and statistic reports at any time. Our booth is typically full or our corporate red color and filled with 2 Printbox kiosks: one with A4 laser color printer inside and the other one with A3 inkjet color printer inside. Interesting? Come and see it. Contact our Marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc, and schedule your meeting with the team in advance. Printbox team is looking forward to meeting you.



CeBIT 2018 is changing its concept, but our expectations are the same. “We are planning to meet as many people as possible, business enthusiasts, individuals, journalists, agents, distributor and many other contacts, that will take part in our global expansion process,” commented our CEO, Mr. Aleš Glavan. For the past years, we have met more than 100 people at every CeBIT fair. And every single year brought us 1 new business partner that has established Printbox business in a totally new Country (France, Romania, South Africa). What will happen in 2018? Well, there are many more markets free at the moment and we are looking forward to starting Printbox business there in the next 6-10 months with new contacts from CeBIT 2018. Book your visit at CeBIT 2018 in Hannover and meet up with Printbox representatives.