Mreža kioskov za tiskanje in skeniranje dokumentov
24 avtomatov je brez skenirne enote

24 avtomatov je brez skenirne enote

Brezstično plačilo na 23 avtomatih v Sloveniji

Brezstično plačilo na 23 avtomatih v Sloveniji

Nova lokacija: TUŠ supermarket Domžale

Nova lokacija: TUŠ supermarket Domžale

Na Printbox kioskih tudi brezstično plačevanje

Na Printbox kioskih tudi brezstično plačevanje

What is Printbox?

Printbox is on the go solution for document printing. It combines Printbox cloud system with many features such as: free user cloud account, free document storage, free account management and remote access, online payment, and self-service Printbox kiosk for A4 document colour printing.

To whom Printbox is intended?

Printbox is self-service solution for everyone that wants to print or scan their files anytime and everywhere – on their way to the kindergarten, school, on a meeting or at the time of their stop at the gas station. Printbox can be used by kids, students, tradesmen, entrepreneurs, parents, retirees…

Why Printbox?

Using Printbox services brings a number of advantages, compared to using your own printer or printing at copy shops:

  • 24-hour operation and 24/7 access in certain locations;
  • Wide network of kiosks throughout Slovenia;
  • Convenient access to the user account via Internet or mobile application;
  • Storage and archiving of documents;
  • Low-cost colour printing;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Other advantages of the Printbox cloud printing system can be seen in the chart below.

What does Printbox have to offer?

Printbox kiosk is more than just a printer. You can print, copy and scan different types of documents, pay for the services, and store and archive in the user account available on any Printbox kiosk, on the website or mobile application. In all Printbox kiosks you can pay in cash or by Moneta. Credit can be used anytime and anywhere in Printbox kiosks in Slovenia. The Printbox cloud system offers several possibilities to store, send and upload documents, which provides for a user-friendly experience.

Virtual Printbox Library

Printbox virtual library is a collection of free literature that is available to registered and unregistered users in any Printbox kiosk in Slovenia.

Where can you find the closest Printbox?

Printbox kiosks are available in over 160 locations in Slovenia. Some locations offer access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and most of the kiosks are available for the public. Find the nearest Printbox kiosk and try it out. Locations.

How does it work?

Printbox kiosk is a self-service device, which means that the entire service is performed by the user. Using it is simple, fast and safe. The user interface on a Printbox kiosk is operated via a touchscreen.

Technical characteristics of the Printbox kiosk

  • Information screen
  • Touchscreen
  • USB input
  • Scanner
  • Slots for payments
  • Exit shelf